Meet Justhy Deva Prasad:

World-Class Authority on the Value of Data and People in the Digital Age

Data Strategist Justhy Deva Prasad Chief Data Partner

Your Organization’s Secret Weapon

When it comes to data and information management, Justhy Deva Prasad holds the answers. His mission as the first boardroom data strategist, speaker, and advisor is to help traditional businesses transition into the digital age. Through people and data-centric approaches, he guides management teams to start using existing data to increase revenue.

As a global citizen, currently living in Zürich, Switzerland with his family, Justhy founded The Data Strategy Lab and is Chief Data Partner at Claritysquare Technology. For over 15 years, he has served and delivered value and results for Fortune 500 clients across the globe, such as IBM Lab in Dublin, Ireland.

As an expert consultant and chief data partner Justhy has served global clients on behalf of IBM Labs, Dublin, Ireland, and is a leading authority on data strategy, big data analytics and value creation through the use of data in the digital age.

Justhy is a passionate leader, an inspiring speaker, and author of The Billion Dollar Byte – Turn Big Data Into Good Profits. The Datapreneur Way, a book that helps companies unlock billions of dollars of value from their existing data.

His life isn’t all business though. Causes he supports include Hunger, Elderly Care, and Education.