Using Data Assets to Transform
the World’s Great Companies

Into Sharper, Smarter, Better Versions of Themselves

Through data consulting for organizations, D. Justhy offers strategies for improving business performance and creating greater economic value through data assets.

Justhy elucidates value through opportunity identification and conversion, data strategy development and harvesting value through the adoption as well as the use of Big Data Analytics (BDA) and emerging technologies.

Advisory & Consulting Offerings


Boardroom Data Strategy

Strategy, Methods, Tools & Technologies

A blueprint for every enterprise in the digital age, aspiring to create enterprise value through data and people.


C-Suite Advisory

Big Data Analytics (BDA) & Data Management

Get your C-Suite to benefit from world class data centric expertise. Create enterprise value, consistently through data and people.


Data Centric Program Advisory

Data, Technology & Solution Architectures

Gain from world class expertise for your data centric initiatives. The definitive insurance for your data centric programs.

Invite Justhy in to help your enterprise create a value-focused data strategy.