Leaders - Do You Measure What You Treasure?

The Data As An Asset (DAAS) Index will help navigate your digital age journey.

“Measure what is measurable, and make measurable what is not so.”
—Galileo Galilei, Italian Scientist

If you are like most Fortune companies, ‘allocating’ your budget of millions or even billions every year, into your data application landscape, without due controls and feedback which measures the impact you are making towards ‘Shareholder Value’ and ‘Customer Value’ – You are driving blind and not in control of your outcomes and destiny!

The Data As An Asset (DAAS) Index is a digital age innovation, that will simplify the way you allocate your millions and your billions of spend, as well as help govern and manage your data assets. It includes nine parameters which address right from Shareholder Value through to Data Quality & Data Architecture. A must have tool in the age of big data.

A few years from now, we will wonder how we managed data without it all these years. Reclaim your lost time. Get the DAAS Index for your organisation.

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