Be Data-Centric. Be People-Centric.

Turn Big Data Into Good Profits.

Take Full Advantage of your 'Hidden Gold' - your Data
Influence the Employees and Customers you Want

An author, speaker, and advisor to corporate leaders, D. Justhy is the first boardroom data strategist and founder of The Data Strategy Lab.

Justhy has served global clients on behalf of IBM Labs, Dublin, Ireland, and is a leading authority on data strategy, big data analytics and value creation through the use of data today.

Improving business performance and creating economic value is at the core of what Justhy does for leading organizations into the digital age.

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Justhy’s Most Requested Topics Include:


Digital Age People Strategy

To be data centric. Be people centric.


The Digital Age Transformations With Data & People

The Boardroom Data Strategy Blue Print.

The Datapreneur

The Datapreneur®

Why you need to develop your people into one, in the digital age.


Data as an Asset

From the board room to the back office. Measuring what you treasure in the age of big data.


Organizing Enterprise Data for Value

Managing the life cycle of data in the age of big data.

Develop the Datapreneur® in your Enterprise.

Workshop Facilitation & Training Programs

“Getting to Yes, Now!” – Be Digital Age Ready. Become ‘Digitally Great’.

People have been your organisations key assets, up until now. With the understanding of ‘data as an asset’, you can propel your organisation into the Digital Age and create a better world. Developing ‘The Datapreneur’ in your organisation is your ‘insurance policy’ towards creating an organisation that is not only ‘Good’ or ‘Great’, but more importantly and relevantly – ‘Digitally Great!’

This could make all the difference, unlike the four hundred plus companies of the 1955 Fortune 500 list, that did not make the list, 61 years later.

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