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“An expert data practitioner that will help your enterprise create value in billions!”

Chief Financial Officer, Global Insurance Company

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Director, Global Resourcing Company

D. Justhy has a passion for data that you can’t believe. He takes what would be a boring and unapproachable subject and makes it understandable, makes it fun and brings it alive. He truly gets the business connection of data. Your audiences will be wowed with how he can bring all of his knowledge together into a workable presentation that leaves them with so much information without overwhelming them.

R. Shawn McBride, Chief Innovation Officer, McBride For Business

Data As An Asset Index – is a digital age innovation that was inspired by my first book One Simple Idea. A few years from now, we might wonder how we managed data without it all these years…Hats off to Justhy for breaking down a complex topic and making sense of it.

Stephen M Key, Inventor, Author of One Simple Idea Series

Case Studies

  • How a data strategy focussed on enterprise value led a traditional global insurance
    giants to adopt its first big data solution


    Lack of focus on data strategy costing millions in mis-spend and hundreds of millions of dollars in opportunity costs.


    Develop an enterprise value focussed data strategy framework that directs decisions and a solution that is rapidly deployed and adopted. The traditional organisation’s first big data analytics capability was deployed in less than a year's time.


    A traditional global insurance giant had embarked on creating a specific asset class pricing master data solution. The solution involved the integration of data from over ten countries. The original plan was to master the data using traditionally known practises such as master data management (MDM). This approach was typically known to deliver results in a couple of years. The program was already eighteen months old, by the time Justhy’s services were procured.

    However, Justhy’s pragmatic advice based on the pursuit of enterprise value as the only objective rather than other traditional biases of both business and IT organisations, resulted in engaging and delivering a mastering and analytical solution in less than a year saving millions of dollars in mis-spending. The organisation was positively directed to adopt lean thinking as well as engage a world class silicon valley big data analytics vendor in what would become a model solution and method. This itself would create enterprise value worth hundreds of millions of dollars, if not billions.

    Justhy lead the data strategy formulation, solution delivery framework and engagement model, solution design along with the formulation of the master service agreement (MSA), perform security audit of a global solution, address cross-border data issues, technical architecture standards and governance, industrialisation of the solution – all with the single focus of creating true enterprise value. More importantly, the people of the traditional organization were gently introduced to the age of big data.

  • Mis-spend averted by a major mobile telecom operator


    Lack of data centric expertise of a traditional engineering focused organisation was leading to mis-spending in hundreds of millions of dollars.


    Tactful coaching and education of senior management teams and steering towards an enterprise value focussed data strategy resulted in the organisation pursuing an appropriate data repository solution, which would eventually become a capability, creating value worth hundreds of millions of dollars.


    A major north african telecom operator had engaged Justhy to create a request for proposal (RFP) for a large data warehouse. The budget was in millions of dollars. However, Justhy’ enterprise value focussed analysis, workshops and fact finding led to the conclusion that the operator actually needed an operational data store (ODS), a data repository with a different workload to a traditional data warehouse. All the core processes were identified, the applications and the data landscape was mapped and a data strategy was formulated with which an RFP was then eventually issued to actually create value in hundreds of millions of dollars.

  • Creating data as a capability within a traditional bank


    An asset management organisation within a traditional private bank did not have a data strategy. Programs were frequently delayed costing millions of dollars. Justhy was engaged to perform an assessment of the approach and the solution, by the Chief Information Officer of the organisation.


    Peformed the a data landscape and architecture assessment that provided insights into the complex data landscape which involved over one hundred application and data repositories. The insights enabled budget holders to understand areas of focus better there by eliminated mis-spending of millions of dollars.


    Justhy’s focus on enterprise value as opposed to ‘distractions’ from vendor based technologies has resulted in pinpointing root causes accurately with wide stakeholder agreements in a complex and traditional organisation setting. This timely course correction ensured that millions of dollars in mis-spend was averted over a two year period and a strategic assessment of a data strategy for digital adoption was proposed, which would create enterprise value in hundreds of millions of dollars over the next few years.

  • Turnaround of distressed financial data mart program


    A critical program in a global retail bank was delayed by well over 30% due to program complexities. The retail bank was losing confidence in the services provided by a technology major.


    The first step was to restore the confidence of the client in the technology major by building and nurturing relationships with key stakeholders. Once this was done, ‘value centric accelerators’ were utilised to make up for lost time and deliver the dimensional data mart.


    The technology major engaged Justhy to turnaround the program as an expert data modeller. Justhy’s focus on enterprise value enabled the team to re-focus, set course and deliver the data mart in less than one hundred days. Typically, such efforts take more than six months. This help the client build trust and confidence in the technology major.

  • People assessment for a major regulatory initiative


    A major technology giant had engaged Justhy to attend to a global insurance company in europe that was embarking on a major regulatory initiative. The senior management team was uncertain about their capabilities to deliver the outcomes with their resources. The objective was to assess the team skills and their fitness to deliver


    Due to the sensitivity of the topic, Justhy had to perform the needed interviews and assessments in the most sensitive manner whilst being objective in conclusions. A framework was agreed and developed which help facilitate a sensitive and objective assessment of people and skills.


    The global insurance company operated in europe and north america. There was pressure on the company to be compliant to regulatory demands. Whilst the insurance company sought the services of Justhy through a technology major, the setting was precarious as the stakes included not only revenues through product and services sales but also jobs of people. Complex sensitivities needed to be addressed tactfully and gracefully.

Partial Client List

Financial Institutions

Royal Bank of Scotland, USA
Citizens Bank, Providence, USA
Brit Insurance, UK
ING Direct, Reading, UK
RSA Insurance Group, Copenhagen, Denmark
Länsförsäkringar, Stockholm, Sweden
InterAmerican, Athens, Greece
HCC Insurance, London UK
Canada Life, UK
Zurich Insurance Group, Switzerland
Aetna, USA
McKesson, USA


IBM Labs, Dublin, Ireland
Wipro, UK
Tech Mahindra, UK
Clarityblue Technology, St. Albans, UK


British Telecom PLC, Ipswich, UK
Vodafone PLC, Reading, UK
Orascom Telecom Holding, Cairo, Egypt
T-Mobile, London, UK
Telefonica O2, Slough, UK


Southern Water, UK


Gatwick Airport, UK

Public Sector

Wiltshire County Council, Trowbridge, UK
Devon County Council, Exeter, UK
College of Policing, London, UK
DEFRA, London, UK