D Justhy

The Billion Dollar Byte

Turn Big Data Into Good Profits. The Datapreneur® Way.

We are transitioning into the digital age, where data is a valuable asset. For business and technology leaders, key decisions depend on having the right data at the right time to create massive enterprise value (EV).

Of course, there are plenty of options available to manage that data—numerous technologies and vendors to choose from—and that is exactly the problem. What is right for you and your enterprise? How can you create maximum enterprise value by managing the data – right and easily?

That’s what The Billion Dollar Byte is all about. Inside, you’ll find a pragmatic, expert and practitioner’s view on four key concepts that you can apply to reduce sunk costs, recapture lost value, and generate new revenue and capabilities.

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Traditional companies can compete with their digital disrupters in the digital world.

Most companies fail because Management isn’t making the right decisions at the right time or External upheavals change the playing field so profoundly that “business as usual” is simply no longer an option. You can level the playing field with Enterprise data, making the connection between the strategy, the model, and the processes that make your company successful.

Today you can embark on “Great to Digitally Great” by using “Big Data For Good Profits” through three steps.

Understand the current business model and adapt accordingly.

Get a handle on enterprise data and create a data strategy.

Execute the data strategy with consistent measuring and monitoring.