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On Course: Ken Knows To Fly. But, He Teaches You To Soar As A Leader.

“My single greatest professional issue I ever faced: learning to lead.” – Ken Pasch.

On Course – become a great leader and soar, by Ken Pasch and published Morgan James, is a must read for anyone who has come to the conclusion that they need to learn to lead.

And who needs to learn? I dare say, everyone. And that too continuously, even if you consider yourself to be a born leader!

In my professional work I have come across a few leaders who believe that leaders are only born and that leadership cannot be learnt, just as they were born leaders, for example. They are perhaps, right. But the only issue that I observed was that, they were their only loyal followers, unsurprisingly though.

“I, me and myself,” were of course, certainly always with them. And this is not uncommon, I am sure you will agree.

Interestingly, all of us tend to show these tendencies at some point in our lives and careers. I certainly have too, and need a constant mechanism to maintain my “personal compass.” Learning to read and mediate has been my tool over the years. And I try and pass this on to everyone I can, as a skill and a habit.

Ken Pasch through his work, shows us that regardless of our past education, previous career experiences, including those “two imposters, both triumph and disaster,”we could find a way to get ourselves to learn to lead. He proves to us that it is certainly within our reach to become leaders through learning, and just in case you were a born leader, you certainly can transcend into becoming a greater and even an extra-ordinary one too.

Yes, many leaders are born with some easily deployable leadership skillsets. But, this is privilege, in my opinion is not reserved only for a few. I personally have numerous examples of people transcending into great leadership positions at various points in their life, some even through and beyond their death.

In early May 2018, I suddenly lost an uncle who helped his wife, my aunt, successfully fight cancer and survive. They fought cancer under some grueling circumstances. Many of us would have probably just given up in resignation. But, they did not.

Both my uncle and my aunt were guiding us and helping us with my dad’s cancer treatment. My dad was diagnosed with cancerous cells in his mouth in early January 2018. He has been undergoing treatment ever since. Thanks to my uncle and aunty’s help and guidance my dad has been showing good progress with this treatment.

My late uncle was not the typical “corporate style”, “flamboyant” leader we usually associate leadership, with. On the contrary, he was neither financially sound, nor was he highly educated. What he did have was a very big heart. He is an example of leadership that transcends beyond life. The kind of leadership that inspires people, even after the person is no more alive. My uncle learnt to be a leader, through the university of life. Clearly, the best school on the planet and that too available to anyone who wants to learn!

When you commit to the goal of learning to lead, you will find a way, in fact, you will find your own way, just as Ken Pasch has found his way by associating leadership with flying.

Through On Course, you will learn to:

  • Unlock, Engage and Optimize your innate potential
  • Become an ACE and address your mentality, your priorities and pursue your purpose with passion
  • Get ready to learn the definition of and steps toward becoming a True Leader, which leads to becoming a Great Leader. There is even a process that helps you develop both.
  • Understand that to serve as a Breakthrough Leader requires, intensity, integrity, and commitment.

As a global data management expert myself, working with leaders in digital transformation pursuits such as cloud and big data adoptions, Chapter 2, which is titled Disengagement and Distractionsis an apt reminder of the need for digital leadership learnings.

Ken highlights the comments of comedian Louis C.K., “If Everything is So Amazing, Why’s Nobody Happy?”

This is exactly the point. The chapter ends with “An Exciting Time”, i.e., to me, my life time and our life time. This life time, our digital age.

Very true. It is an exciting time. The world needs leaders today. And this is an URGENT need, regardless of where you live on planet earth. It needs everyone to learn to lead, through our complex times. It’s not up to a privileged few only, and that’s for sure.

If everyone in authority were a true leader today, well our world would not have been in such a state as we currently know it. Economic uncertainty, political turbulence, our inability to appropriately and collective respond to rapidly changing climate, our inability to act on data to address failing infrastructure needsand man-made disasters, corporate greed, failing human values in organizations and institutions are just a few symptoms of our need for good leadership, in every corner.

With (a) the seven steps to achieving the vision, (b) human dynamics model, (c) five prime values as well as (d) the foundation for success, Ken’s book is an amazing and a must have, in your reading and leadership learning arsenal.

On Course, will lead the way. It does not matter, if you cannot fly as yet. I am certain that Ken will teach you to soar. And, by the way; by the time you read this book, you will be flying anyway!

Great book, Ken. Thanks for sharing your mission with us. It’s a work of art and a labor of love.