D Justhy

Every Digital Age Leader’s Best Decision

If you think your organisations Digitalisation, Analytics, Big Data or even your, Cloud Programs are showing signs of stress and perhaps, even failure, take heart you certainly are not alone.

The good news is that YOU can change its course towards success, within less than a years time!

There is no CEO on the planet who does not believe that his/her enterprise must become data-driven, in order to succeed in the digital age.

Of course, whether most realise that it actually means to be “data-driven”, is a completely different matter. Having witnessed several organisations actually invest more in shiny tools and technologies than in their own people, is a sign that there is a failure in understanding what data-centricity, actually means.

To keep matters simple, to be “data centric”, an organisation must be “person-centric”.

i.e., the enterprise must have knowledge of each and every process involved in the business model along with the involved persons, in the business process. And this includes, employees, partners, customers etc.

Unfortunately, hundreds of millions of investment dollars are poured into tools and technologies, while not enough is poured into developing critical competencies required to transform enterprises in the digital age. This in turn, exposes human capital weaknesses with various labels including “Talent gap”, “Talent erosion”, “Legacy staff”.

These are symptoms of a gap in a much needed digital age competency. I term this mandatory competency as “datapreneurship.”

The datapreneurship competency is centred around three elements, which no business can ignore to invest in, if they want to gracefully transition in to the digital age. They are as follows:

  1. Communication & Influence
  2. Process Discipline
  3. Datanomics

Without communication & influence, employees are just hands and legs. And this contribution has inadequate economic value. The best organisations that lead our world and which are full of fun and energy are the ones where there is a sense of share responsibility to deliver value to the business eco-system.

Process discipline, on the other hand is the demonstration of commitment and connectedness of an enterprise in the eco-system in which the business is operating in. The best companies know the importance of this and always ensure that there is no lapse in discipline. There is a high-level of awareness that there is absolutely no room for process complacence.

The game-changer for digital age leaders and boardrooms, though, is knowledge and expertise of datanomics. Without the relevant skills and expertise in datanomics, there is a very high probability that the enterprise systematically makes wrong or even irrelevant decisions. Recent data-breaches are an evidence of this.

If you as a leader intend to make a difference in your organisation and if you certainly do not want your enterprise to be yet another digital age casualty, do invest in this one competency – “datapreneurship”.

This may well be your career’s best decision.