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Honey: Will You and Your Enterprise Disappear?


Are you in the 40% who will disappear?

According to an IDC report released in October 2017, by the year 2020, 60% of all enterprises will have fully articulated an organisation-wide digital platform strategy, and will be in the process of implementing it.

Considering that we are now in December 2017, we are about two full years away, before the above mentioned enterprises would have articulated a platform strategy.

From what is observable in various business landscapes organisations have different levels of maturity in their digital journeys. Some are advanced and some are not.

What is worse, is if your organisation is making up the 40% who are just not prepared for the transition into the digital age! This is scary, of course only if you care about your enterprise, your career, your pensions and/or stock options.

In my book, The Billion Dollar Byte, I mentioned that four hundred plus companies disappeared from the Fortune 500 list because they were unable to transform. We labelled this as ‘creative disruption’.

And this sounds good to read and talk about, as long as it is not YOUR organisation or your enterprise, or indeed some one’s you care about.

But, what if it is?

What chances do you have to save a company from disappearing?

Our best bet as a society is to trust what each and every enterprise would have. And that is their data and indeed, their own people.

The best chance for any organisation to win in the digital age is their data and their people. These are the most valuable assets, which for some strange reasons do not appear on the balance sheets yet.

The important point for any organisation to consider, especially if you are in the 40% who are not prepared, where do you and your organisation stand in this journey, today? And how do you get to where you must be?

Want to See What the Journey into the Digital Age Looks Like? Check out in this graphic here.

Once you are clear about your road map, the data strategy blueprint will guide you in your journey in to the digital age.

The data strategy blueprint itself has three easy to understand stages which any company, in any sector can adapt to set the right course for the digital age.

Since most of these transformational journeys involve spends to the tune of billions of dollars, ideally the sponsors will be as careful as the shareholders.

Being in control of such spends and outcomes is critical. There is no excuse for not transitioning into the digital age.

Well, if we are honest with ourselves, if your organisation does not transform and transition successfully, there is a high likelihood that your organisation, as you know it today, may not be recognisable in about five years from now.

Please do let me know of your digital age journey.  Just drop me a line or connect with me on linkedin.

Let’s keep this conversation going and let make it well beyond the other end of the transition. May the force be with you, until the last jedi!