D Justhy

Knowing that I am RED

90 days to the life you desire.  This is the promise of author Tom Dutta in his heartfelt book, The Way of the Quite Warrior.

After a very hectic 2017, I managed to get some time in December to revisit this book. I read this book in a hurry a few months ago and was touched by it. So, made a self-note to revisit this. So, here’s my catalogue of my experiences as I now, study this book and apply the learnings to my life. Many people I know personally, will benefit from this too.

The first phase in the Way of the Warrior is called, ‘The Self’. If we are truly accountable individuals, no endeavour of any proportion or intent is ever possible without a thorough measure of the self. I strongly believe this.

Regardless of your profession, any conscious individual needs to be aware of their strengths, limitations and purpose – however, that is understood today. In my opinion, this is likely to change as our life experiences unfold.  Perhaps, that’s what makes life so meaningful.

Author Tom discusses the application of Dr. Taylor Hartman’s colour code personality assessment in the first phase of this book. I took the test. My test revealed that my Personality Style is RED.

The book revealed that a Red personality is motivated by power, not being good or bad, but a sense of getting things done, moving from A to B; this is how Red personalities love the world.

People who dislike or hate me could interpret this as my ‘sinister’ personality. We might have to do a poll to check how many people I would have interacted in my life felt “used and abused” in order to meet my selfish goals.

On the brighter side, the Reds are confident, assertive, motivated, decisive and often have a natural talent for vision and leadership. It appears that if you are lost in a strange city, you want people like ME, a Red personality by your side because, within minutes, Reds will find the nearest landmark and map out a route and they won’t stop until a problem is solved.

Apparently, Steve Jobs is a classic example of a Red leader, someone with an incredible vision who truly created a dent in the universe and inspired us all into the digital age, with www.apple.com.

My big idea of “Getting to Yes, Now!” with the combination of data and indeed people, and my journey of enabling professionals and leaders transition into the digital age is probably an expression of my Red personality.

Will keep you posted on my progress with ’The Way of the Quite Warrior”.

If you have not yet got your hands on it, it is available here.