D Justhy

What the Tech Giants Are Doing With One Month To Go

25thMay is fast approaching. Facebook, Apple, Google & Microsoft are out in the press educating people, how to access their personal data.

Facebook for example, will begin asking users if their data can be used to power services like facial recognition in a move to help it comply with a massive new European data law coming into effect in just over a month.

You can access your Microsoft privacy data here, for example. Amazon, Twitter and Google are doing the same.

The one thing that is common between all the tech giants is that they have actively started campaigns to educate their users on privacy. All this is picking up pace, a month before the actual date to be compliant. And the only reason for their swift and timely response, is their data management maturity. Their ability to respond to business eco-system demand in a timely manner. Of course, they may not be perfect but their response is commendable.

Obviously, these companies with better data management practises are able to be more valuable than their contemporaries, because they are more flexible and agile in serving the people involved in the business. They actually manage person-centric data well. Oh, well – better than most other companies.

Facebook, in-spite of the Cambridge Analytics scandal, has been addressing the GDPR needs quite swiftly, as compared to traditional companies, such as banks and insurance companies. There is an inherent agility in a technology business model. And companies in traditional industries undergoing digital transformation efforts can take heart in this fact.

More importantly, in a technology business model, a “person” is right in the middle of everything that happens.

Clearly, the tech giants are showing the two extreme ends of what good could come out of managing data, and what bad could unfold with unmanaged data.

All the best to you folks working hard to get GDPR, right!