D Justhy

The Data Strategy Lab

How can the traditional and great companies of yesterday cope in this new digital world?

The Data Strategy Lab researches, explores and discovers how ‘Good’ and ‘Great’ companies become ‘Digitally Great’ companies. We are coming to terms with the transition into the digital age. Half of the top ten most valuable companies in the world are digital companies.

Here are a few of the concepts that can assist in the journey.

The Datapreneur®

A concept and an idea that employees and leaders can be transformed into value creators for the digital age.

The Class-N Operational Data Store (ODS)

A technical architectural ‘blueprint’ that will help an enterprise organise their data for massive value creation for the age of big data.

The Data as an Asset (DAAS) Index

A groundbreaking method and tool that will help organisations monitor their data assets as well as create value through the use of a nine parameter index, that serves as an aid for the boardroom as well as leaders to drive companies into the digital age.

The Data Strategy Blueprint

A simple three step framework that helps drive organisations into the digital age, starting from wherever the organisation is today. A must for every boardroom if the intent is to make it through the digital age.


Data As An Asset Index – is a digital age innovation that was inspired by my first book One Simple Idea. A few years from now, we might wonder how we managed data without it all these years…Hats off to Justhy for breaking down a complex topic and making sense of it.

– Stephen M Key, Inventor, Author of One Simple Idea Series

This is a simple and straightforward writing about Why and How to succeed through Data & People in the Digital Age

– Alexandrina Scorbureanu, PhD, Head of Performance Management for Information and Digital, Assicurazioni Generali Group Hq., Italy

D. Justhy has a passion for data that you can’t believe. He takes what would be a boring and unapproachable subject and makes it understandable, makes it fun and brings it alive. He truly gets the business connection of data. Your audiences will be wowed with how he can bring all of his knowledge together into a workable presentation that leaves them with so much information without overwhelming them.

– R. Shawn McBride, Chief Innovation Officer, McBride For Business

“This is your boardroom data strategist. Best I have seen in my long career”

– Director, Global Resourcing Company

“An expert data practitioner that will help your enterprise create value in billions!”

– Chief Financial Officer, Global Insurance Company

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