D Justhy

Three Reasons For Cal Fire to Invest in The Datapreneur

In August 2018, CAL FIRE announced the award of $170 million to Reduce Fire Threat and Improve Forest Health.

The funds aim to prevent catastrophic wildfires, like the Carr Fire and Mendicino Complex. More importantly, it is to RESTORE FOREST HEALTH! And, there is a very urgent need for this.

Reportedly, more than 100 agencies and organisations across California will receive funding to help the state reduce greenhouse gas emissions from wildfires and sequester carbon.

Local organisations like fire safe councils will be enabled to implement activities that address the risk of wildfire and reduce wildfire potential to communities and forests. Hazard fuel reduction, fire planning, and fire prevention education with an emphasis on improving public health and safety, all the while reducing greenhouse gas emissions, are a part of the funded activities.

However, where should the officials and the leaders start with their improvements and indeed their deployment efforts?


Where do you find the low hanging fruits? What are the moonshots to aim for?


These are that tough questions leaders need to answer before they set course on their journey.

Fortunately, California happens to be the home to Silicon Valley, where numerous world changing companies have taken shape. There is no shortage of talent. Interestingly, there is no shortage of technology either.

Data, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence, are perhaps the best tools available to the agencies involved in saving California.

However, the most important actors are involved people in the process of saving California. And if these people are “upgraded” to become datapreneurs, California is best insured through them.

Datapreneurs are competent well trained individuals who know how to put data and technology to best use in order to get the desired result.

A safer state. A safer country. A safer and a healthier planet earth.

Any organisation, that intends to insure it’s investment in data, robotics and AI – must invest in their “dataprenuers”. Because, they will know exactly how to put these three tools available to mankind in the digital age, to best use. Anything less, is a compromise and we may have to pay a price to this. A huge price, needless to say.

People first. Technology next.

Let’s pursue a safer planet in the digital age.