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Unlimiting Your Beliefs

Our outcomes are a result of our beliefs and the actions that we take, based on those beliefs.

Well, before I read Karen Brown’s Unlimiting Your Beliefs, I was not sure what the ‘Ironman’ really was. When I first heard about this mentioned in a conversation many years ago, my ignorance had me wondering what a comic character Ironman, had to do with endurance!

Having met Karen in the USA earlier in 2018, I was keen to read her book.

In Karen the author, I could see a determined as well as a disciplined human being. With that impression which I gained from our first meeting, I recommended Karen’s book to someone I knew, who was struggling with their belief system. Within a few of days I had a message from this person saying that she had overcome a long held fear of getting on to a rollercoaster! My curiosity led me to getting started with the book, without loosing much time. Thanks to David Allen!

As I was reading about the determination, the discipline and the sacrifices, a person has to combine with absolute conviction, it was clear that personal accountability, combined with the right kind of processes and systems, will make even an Ironman (…competition and not the character!), the most grueling physical test on the planet, achievable for every committed human being.

7 Keys to Greater Success –  In Your Personal and Professional Life, Told Through My Journey of the Toughest Race in the World, is the text on the book cover, and the following pages are just that. Starting from Key One, which is Tap Into The Dream/Feel The Dream, Ask for Help & Have Faith to the Key Seven, Hit Your Goals, Enjoy the Victory & Set New Goals, Dream Again, this book is an inspiring lesson for any one who wants to commit to “their toughest ironman.”

As someone who is equally determined in my “personal ironman”, I can vouch for this system that works! Regardless of which “personal” or “professional” ironman that you are pursuing this logical and proven system is a must read for anyone who thinks that they have fallen on their bum!

At this point in time, I am actually driving a complex data program in a global furniture giant in Sweden. And I sure am using the lessons from this book.

Regardless of your career, industry or experiences up until today and as Brian Tracy says on this book’s cover, “…achieve any goal you can set for yourself!”

Great job Karen Brown. What an achievement!